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Volkswagen showcases its green vehicle fleet!

During the Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit, at the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California, Volkswagen presented its entire fleet of
green vehicles. Students had the opportunity to drive various models that run on biodiesel, low-sulfur diesel and hydrogen but also highly efficient gasoline-powered vehicles.

Testing these vehicles allows students to counter-check their theoretical knowledge and to get a better understanding of all the benefits of green car technologies. For instance, there was a VW Touareg V10 TDI that can run either on B5 biodiesel, a low-sulfur diesel mix or regular biodiesel; a gasoline-powered, small-displacement Jetta with twin-turbocharger; and a Touran HyMotion running on hydrogen.

According to Ron Cogan, editor of Green Cars magazine, it's important to show that exotic and futuristic cars are not the only vehicles to use such highly advanced technologies. Volkswagen is already doing that with clean diesel and twin-turbocharged engines that are currently found on the road. J. D. Power even named VW as the "world's eco-friendliest automaker" in 2006.