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What to do When Involved in a Hit and Run

Being involved in an auto accident is never simple to handle, especially if you are the victim of a hit and run. If you have recently been involved in an auto accident including a hit and run and you are living in Canada, knowing how to handle it can ultimately mean the difference between missing potential financial support and getting the settlement you deserve for any injuries or damage you endured during the process.

Assess your Surroundings
Any time you are involved in a hit and run auto accident, assessing your surroundings to gather as much information about the suspect driver who caused the hit and run is the first step in getting justice. If the driver quickly speeds off, write down as much information as possible relating to the vehicle itself. If possible, jot down the license plate or any numbers or letters you can make out as the driver is attempting to get away. Write down the colour(s) of the vehicle along with the make and model of the car to help identify the driver to police officers and your insurance company.

Get Witness Reports
If you are not extremely injured, attempt to get others to stop immediately after the accident to gather witness reports. Other drivers may have more information about the vehicle that caused the accident, and this may help your case if you want to pursue it and take it to court.

File a Police Report
Filing a police report immediately while you are still on the scene with your vehicle is necessary with a hit and run, unless you require an ambulance. If you are at a hospital, it is still possible to request a police officer to file a report against the suspect who caused your accident. Be sure to pass along any witness reports, photos, and other evidence you may have regarding the accident to police officers, as this may help your case even further.

Call your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company after filing a police report on the scene, even if the accident was not your fault. Calling your insurance company is one of the quickest ways to begin filing a claim to get the compensation you deserve.

Seek Legal Counsel
Working with an attorney in your province is highly recommended any time you are the victim of a hit and run accident. When you want to work with an attorney on your case, gather all information, documentation, and any additional evidence you have for your case before you begin to compare professionals you may want to hire. Looking for a lawyer who can handle a hit-and-run case is possible by asking for referrals, checking locally, and also comparing attorneys who specialize in hit-and-run cases right online.

Once you find a lawyer you want to work with, request an over-the-phone or in-person consultation to determine which attorney is right for your case. Be sure to present all of the evidence you have in an organized fashion when meeting with your lawyer to save time and find the best methods to get the compensation you deserve.

Along with police reports and eyewitness statements, also include any damage receipts you have received with your vehicle due to the accident as well as hospital records and bills. The more evidence you have against the individual who caused the accident you were in, the easier it is to get a ruling in your favour.