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Winter survival tips

Fall keeps stretching and filling our days with sunny skies and warm weather, while spring does the same to put a premature end to winter. Amidst all this, however, is a unique mix of climate conditions that significantly affects our daily habits. More than anywhere else in the world, the cold season in Canada poses serious challenges that drivers must deal with.

Once again, the editorial team at presents its annual Winter Guide. Here you'll find advice on everything from winter tires to rustproofing treatments, from emergency kits to cooling system maintenance, not to mention visibility and driving techniques. Our journalists will provide you with useful tips and information, whether you drive a regular vehicle, a convertible, a hybrid, a motorcycle or even an all-electric car.

So winter's coming back, eh? That's cool. Canadians are a tough bunch, defying snowstorms and black ice. Other than orange cones, we fear nothing!

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