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Woman, 97, enters Trans-America Challenge rally

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Dorothy Caldwell, 97, will take part in the Trans-America Challenge as a navigator. Her son Alastair will be driving their 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III during this 9,350km rally. 

AOL Cars reports that the event starts in Halifax on June 7th and ends in San Francisco on June 28th.

Caldwell has a bit of experience in rallies, having participated in one such race back in 2011. Her son happens to work for the McLaren F1 Racing Team, but the woman insisted on using the Rolls-Royce.

"I'll only come if he takes the Rolls-Royce," Dorothy said. "It's more comfortable than his sports cars, and it has air conditioning! I'm the last in my generation now; I'm starting to find it harder. I'm beginning to need glasses for distance, and as I'm in the middle of moving house I think it might be time to ease back a little. So this will probably be my last big rally."