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World premiere of the VW space up! in Tokyo

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Six weeks ago, in Frankfurt, Volkswagen introduced a small urban vehicle called the "up!". The German automaker now strikes back by launching in world premiere the "space up!", a monospace-type vehicle designed by Walter de Silva. The space up! is only 3.68-m long and 1.63-m wide, the wheelbase extending to 2.56 meters.

Interestingly, the space up! offers six doors instead of the usual five. A pair of 60/40-split side-hinged rear doors create a 101-cm wide access to the cargo area. Three of the four individual seats can either be folded or removed completely to increase cargo room from 220 to 1,005 liters.

Despite its compact size, the space up! is equipped with massive 18-inch 165/50 tires. Since this is still a concept, we don't know for sure yet what type of powertrain will motivate the production model. It could be a gasoline or diesel engine, or perhaps even a hybrid system. As is the case with some of VW's latest vehicles, there's a small compartment in the back to receive the engine.