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Yet another recall for the 2013 Ford Escape

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Khatir Soltani
Since bad things always come in threes, Ford has just issued a third recall on the 2013 Ford Escape.

A total of 1,661 units are affected. Apparently, the cylinder head cup plug (freeze plug) on the 1.6L engine may become dislodged, resulting in a significant loss of coolant which could cause the engine to overheat. Under certain circumstances, water in the remaining coolant mixture may vaporize, leading to a higher concentration of antifreeze. In the presence of an ignition source, this could result in a fire.

Ford dealers will inspect the cylinder head and replace it if the cup plug is dislodged or leaking. In any other case, a wicking sealant will be applied to the plug and a cover plate will be installed over the plug.

Source: Transports Canada

2013 Ford Escape front 3/4 view
Photo: Ford

Khatir Soltani
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