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ZENN electric car for under $10,000 in USA

ZENN electric car for under $10,000 in USA

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Source: PR Newswire

TORONTO, Ontario--ZENN Motor Company is pleased to announce it will offer the 2009 All-Electric ZENN LSV (low-speed vehicle) for an unprecedented price of $9,995 under its Ambassador Program through a combination of an innovative product Ambassador rebate program and a one time federal tax credit. This offer is available through June 30th, 2009 from the Company's network of retailers throughout the United States.

The ZENN creates excitement wherever it goes. In exchange for their efforts to promote the ZENN in their communities and sharing their experiences with the Company, Ambassadors are provided with a $4,750 rebate that can be immediately applied at point-of-purchase. Ambassadors who sign up for this limited-time program at point of purchase will receive a tool kit that includes a ZENN hat, ZENN t-shirt, and promotional literature. They will also participate in online surveys and feedback questionnaires during the first three months of ownership.

Dennis Hancock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is a firm believer in the Ambassador Program. "The vehicle attracts a lot of attention and early adopters of the ZENN have proven to be passionate advocates and educators of the brand. This program provides new customers with an opportunity to purchase a vehicle for a substantially reduced cost in exchange for their grass roots advocacy and promotion of the ZENN's as a sustainable transportation solution."

The program's pricing structure is as follows:

ZENN MSRP: $15,995
Ambassador Rebate: -$4,750
Total Purchase Price* $11,245
Less 10% Federal Tax Credit** -$1,250

Total Cost to Customer***: $9,995

*Please note the total purchase price does not include optional accessories, delivery fees or sales taxes. **Actual Federal Tax credit may vary depending on individual tax situation. Federal Tax Credit is based on 10% of total purchase price plus $1,250 in standard delivery fees. ***Total Cost to Customer includes both the Ambassador point of sale rebate and an estimated amount for the federal tax credit incentive that the customer may be eligible for when filing their income taxes. Cost to customer is net of taxes, delivery fees, and optional accessories.
photo:ZENN Motor Company