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ZENN making giant leaps with EEStor technology!

Everyone knows that energy storage is still the Achilles' heel of all electric vehicles. In its ongoing efforts to become the world's foremost developer of zero-emissions vehicles capable, even, of highway driving, ZENN has just taken a giant step forward thanks to the new accumulators designed by EEStor, the company's main partner.

With the new EEStor technology, the cityZENN will be a true highway car with an operating range of 400 kilometres capable of achieving 125 km/h. A zero-emissions cityZENN could be recharged in less than five minutes, and its operating costs would represent only 10% of those of a conventional internal combustion engine.

ZENN is currently working on a drive train that could replace the internal combustion engine of commercial vehicles in North America.

ZENN currently has exclusive rights to the EEStor technology in the following markets:
  • All new vehicles weighing up to 3,000 lbs (excluding battery weight)
  • All internal-combustion-engine cars converted to electricity
  • All golf carts as well as small and medium utility vehicles

photo:Matthieu Lambert