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JV and Panis are going on vacation

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JV and Olivier take a break

For the last two years August has provided a three-week break in the FIA calendar. This gives the F1 circus a unique chance to take a well-earned breather. Making the most of it, Olivier is spending his time on holiday at home in France with his wife Anne and their three children. Jacques has disappeared for a break in Europe with fiance Elly Green.

Jacques welcomed the time off saying, "The team have been working hard all year so they deserve a break now." It won''t be all play and no work though. "There's still some work to be done to prepare for the next race," he continues.

"But it gives everyone a bit of down-time. Hungary is a very physical race so, as well as enjoying a holiday with Elly, there's a lot of preparation ahead for me with my trainer Erwin."

In the meantime, test driver Ryo Fukuda will be appearing at the Proximus 24 Heures de Spa as a guest of the Paul Belmondo Racing team. He will be driving a Chrysler Viper GTS-R car shared with Paul Belmondo and Claude-Yves Gosselin.

The action doesn''t stop back at the BAR Brackley HQ either. Work will continue there in developing the car for next season.

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