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2005 Bombardier Plus ME "Track" Test

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Khatir Soltani

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

In my never-ending quest for timely relevance, I was hoping to test drive Santa's sleigh this week but the old man said it

'Tis the season to test drive the awesome Bombardier BR275 Plus ME snowcat groomer. (Photo: Bombardier)
was in the repair shop getting a tune up - something about preparing for a big trip.

So instead, for Christmas day, we'll take a spin in a vehicle most big boys would love to find nestled under their tree -- a snowcat groomer.

The good people at Cypress Resort, perched up above West Vancouver, were kind enough to let me check out their Bombardier BR275 Plus ME, an awesome mountain crawler that makes light work of all that heavy white stuff.

With a top speed of 19.1 km/h (12 mph) and a weight of 7,900 kg (17,652 lbs),

Powered by an 8.3-litre Cummins diesel, this snowcat is built for pushing power. (Photo: Bombardier)
the Plus ME isn't going to set any land speed records, but if the job calls for flattening tonnes of new fallen snow into terrain skiers and boarders are looking for, this is the required rig. 'Steep and deep' is a far and wide rallying cry for intrepid skiers, but is just as apt describing the conditions this snowcat excels in.

Powered by an 8.3-litre Cummins diesel, this snowcat is built for pushing power, a fact reflected in its seemingly disproportionate horsepower and torque specs.

Khatir Soltani
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