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2008 Volvo C70 T5 Review (video)

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Justin Pritchard
Comfort first for C70
Could this be the sneakiest convertible on the road? Except for some minor visual cues, Volvo's C70 could pass effortlessly as a big coupe. It's as sleek as Volvo's blocky styling will allow, and the roof integrates so cleanly with the rest of the body that it appears fixed in place.

The Volvo C70 is perfect for cruising hundreds of miles in comfort.

A comfortable, everyday convertible
C70 gives owners two cars in one: an open-air four-seater for when it's nice out, and a roomy coupe for when it isn't.

Top up, wind-noise is better than your average family sedan with minimal air leaking past the seams and seals, even at healthy speeds. Keep your velocity down, and you'll be treated to a remarkably quiet ride.

With the top down after 30 seconds of intricate mechanical roof articulation, turbulence is kept within respectable limits- though cabin heat is free to escape out the vast opening left behind. Unlike some two-seat drop-tops, you won't be going topless in this one much past late September. There's an occasional jiggle to the body on rougher roads, too- a normal side effect when a car loses its roof.

The $2,250 Dynaudio stereo kit employs 14 speakers and twin-subwoofers to send bass-laced shockwaves through entire intersections while delivering magnificent power and very clean sound reproduction. It'll put the custom sound system in your 17-year-old's hot-hatch to shame.

An interior designed for lengthy travels
C70 offers surprisingly comfortable seating for 4 occupants, each of whom get a cupholder, storage compartment and a smooth, plush seat trimmed in 'passion' leather thanks to the premium package.

The trunk boasts generous storage space, though it's cut in half with the roof stacked inside. To help access your cargo with the roof on top of it, the folded segments lift a few inches out of the way at the push of a button. It's a very thoughtful touch, and one of many you'll find.

Though certainly well equipped, at over $62,000 shoppers may feel disappointed at the lack of features like a Bluetooth phone, intelligent key or xenon lighting. These gadgets are increasingly common on cars half this price.

C70 offers surprisingly comfortable seating for 4 occupants.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert