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Comparo: 2006 Acura CSX Premium vs. 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T

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2006 Acura CSX Premium and 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T (Photo: Amyot Bachand,
You finish school, diploma in hand or not, and you get a good job. You benefit from a certain job security, and you shack up with the love of your life. You wake up one fine morning, but it's not the alarm clock that takes you away from dreamland; it's a baby screaming for its bottle.

What the hell is that? Who is that? And how can that baby scream so loud?

It's pretty simple. Life goes by so fast today, that you're only now realizing what's happening to you: you're now a family man, or family woman.

Geez, this baby is growing fast. And after two or three visits to the in-laws, like if that wasn't enough, bending over into the old GTI or Integra to strap baby in his or her seat or breaking your back to pieces.

Now, you've had it. It's time to cry it out, and to get rid of the apple of your eye. Oh, I'm talking about your car...

Here are two good choices to remedy the situation. Two sedans with enough power, space and style. The Volkswagen Jetta, all-new for 2005, offers various trim levels including the 2.0T. As for Acura's CSX, it was launched in 2006, replacing the EL.


2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T (Photo: Amyot Bachand,
2006 Acura CSX Premium (Photo: Amyot Bachand,

We very much like the looks of both cars. The Jetta has Volkswagen's corporate face, with its big, vertical chromed grille. It has the body of a person that works out, but without steroids; svelte, muscular in certain areas, and no love handles. If its front end pleased us, it looks a little ordinary from the rear. Otherwise, we appreciate all the little details baked into the design of the Jetta, like the attractive 17-inch wheels and its fit and finish.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T (Photo: Amyot Bachand,
2006 Acura CSX Premium (Photo: Amyot Bachand,

The Acura CSX, required to work with the Honda Civic in its shadow, also marvels us. Its shape is aerodynamic and fluid. It distinguishes itself from the Civic by its high-intensity discharge headlights (our Jetta also had them, offered as an option), bigger taillights with circular patterns, chrome-trimmed door handles as well as dual exhaust tips. Our CSX also had a nice fit and finish, and its burgundy paint job pleased us particularly. In general, we can't clearly decide which between Jetta and the CSX is the best-looking.