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1992 - 1999 GMC Yukon Pre-Owned

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Khatir Soltani
Where that model was Cadillac-like in comparison, the '92 through '99 Yukon offered a decent ride and reasonably good
Owners of 2-door Yukons sometimes complained of an uncomfortable, choppy ride. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
maneuverability around town. Owners of 2-door Yukons sometimes complained of an uncomfortable, choppy ride, 4-door customers seemed satisfied. The steering is over-boosted in traditional GM fashion, making it light during parking situations but hardly sporting at higher speeds, with vagueness at its center position and a rather large 12.6 meter (41.2 foot) turning circle in rear-wheel drive and 13.1 meter (42.9 feet) in four-wheel drive. Model year 1997 remedied the situation, with a tighter turning radius of 11.6 meters (38.1 feet) for rear-wheel drive and 12.4 meters (40.7 feet) four-wheel drive models and the addition of speed-sensitive power steering.

The latter helped out in the corners. Its wide stance generally allows it to
Model year 1995 Yukons featured a standard driver-side airbag and a redesigned instrument panel. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
keep up to fast traffic fairly well too, no matter the curves making up the road in question. It's a bit top-heavy for sure, requiring its driver to keep a level head so that its limits are breached, but when needed to be reeled in its standard ABS-equipped brakes did a commendable job when new. By the way, 1995 model year Yukons featured a standard driver-side airbag, while a standard passenger-side airbag took two more years to arrive. What's more, a redesigned instrument panel was also a '95 addition. The improvement was monumental due to larger and better laid out controls.
Khatir Soltani
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