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2009 Dodge Ram will lead the pack with power and torque

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Dodge has announced that their upcoming 2009 Ram will offer best-in-class power, with 390 horses and 407 lb.-ft of toque. The all-new 5.7 liter HEMI V8 engine employs Chrysler's Multi Displacement System (MDS) technology as well, which helps owners at the pumps and allows the 2009 Ram to deliver increased horsepower alongside a 4 percent improvement in mileage.

The added power and efficiency come primarily from enhancements to engine breathing through smoother intake runners, a variable air intake system, variable valve timing, and a wider operating range for the MDS function.

"While the all-new HEMI engine maintains the key characteristics that makes HEMI a household name in powertrains, we added new technologies - including Variable Valve Timing - that substantially improve fuel economy and refinement and maximize performance," said Bob Lee, VP of Powertrain Product Engineering at Chrysler LLC.

Drivers can also expect top-notch performance, with 0-60 figures under six seconds for regular-cab HEMI models. Also available will be a revised 4.7 litre Flex-Fuel V8, and a 3.7 litre V6. A new light-duty diesel engine will make its way under the hood after 2009, with a notable improvement in mileage and emissions compared to a similarly powerful gasoline engine. A hybrid Ram is scheduled for 2010 as well.

The 2009 Ram goes on sale later this year.