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2009 Porsche 911 Carrera Review

2009 Porsche 911 Carrera Review

The legend puts on its winter boots and heads North By ,

"I wouldn't take my Porsche out in this weather!' said the girl working the coffee shop where I stopped to wait for a looming snowstorm. A fanatic, she spotted the 911 Carrera through the light snow that had begun falling as I pulled into the parking lot.

For 2009, machinery therein has been updated with subtle new cosmetics in front and rear.

My mission that evening was simple: find out how the legendary German sportscar would handle a Northern Ontario snowstorm. The tester, wearing winter tires, would travel highways 400 and 69 from Barrie to Sudbury- and directly through what Ontarian motorists call the 'snow belt'.

"You have a Porsche?!" I asked.

"No- I mean if. I don't own one. I wish I did."

"Yeah, same here... large three milk please".

I waited an hour. The snow came- slowly at first, but then in thick, clumpy flakes that relentlessly assaulted the scenery.

Performance on ice?
Hours of back-road and highway driving in deep snow ensued. In addition to 911'a stable rear-engine handling, a slick stability control system quickly neutralized wheel-spin and slippage before it became a problem- though enough was allowed to maintain forward momentum as required.

911 accelerates and cruises in slippery conditions with relative confidence. It's nowhere near being 'all over the road' or 'scary' as fellow motorists wondered at the gas station in Nobel. On the other hand, it's not a Jeep Grand Cherokee, either.

Traction never became an issue. Combined with careful driving and appropriate rubber, the 911 Carrera will tackle most any winter situation deftly. In fact, with the engine atop the drive wheels, 911 gets moving along from a stop like your average front-drive sedan in the snow. There's an all wheel drive model too- called the 911 Carrera 4, if you need it.

Combined with careful driving and appropriate rubber, the 911 Carrera will tackle most any winter situation.