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2011 Dodge Caliber Preview

2011 Dodge Caliber Preview

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Long known for spacious versatility, unique styling and generous use of low-budget interior plastics, the Dodge Caliber is entering 2011 repackaged and re-equipped to make it more appealing than ever. Popular with value-minded shoppers after an affordable machine with plenty of flexibility and space, Dodge’s five-door ‘mini crossover’ offers up a car-like ride and numerous strengths found in small SUV models.

Long known for spacious versatility and unique styling the Dodge Caliber is entering 2011 repackaged and re-equipped to make it more appealing than ever. (Photo: Dodge)

Shoppers visiting Dodge showrooms to check out the 2011 Caliber will find something for virtually any budget or lifestyle—including two available engines, manual or CVT transmissions, and a variety of trim levels and options packages to gear things up or down to any taste. Additionally, Caliber is backed by a full array of Mopar accessories for fine-tuning to any lifestyle, sport or activity.

On board, Caliber’s recent interior makeover creates a cabin that’s more upscale, sophisticated and stylistically cohesive than earlier models. Designers have specified a new instrument cluster, chrome accents and more extensive use of soft-touch trim materials for a more premium feel. Caliber’s cockpit is also set off by available features like black and red stitched leather seats, a sunroof, a driver computer, a punchy Boston Acoustics stereo system and plenty more.

Test-drivers can also expect plenty of at-hand storage space, a commanding forward view of the road, and a surprisingly spacious and flexible cargo area flanked by split-folding seats and a high-rise tailgate. Don’t miss the Chill-Zone beverage cooler, built-in, self-recharging LED flashlight, and flip-down tailgate speakers. The latter are ideal for sharing tunes with an entire parking lot, campsite or beach party.

Powering up the 2011 Caliber is the shopper’s choice of two four-cylinder engines. Both 2.0 and 2.4 litre units are available depending on the model in question, generating 158 or 172 horsepower, respectively. Both ‘world’ engines are tuned for pleasing performance and fuel economy, and both feature dual variable valve timing system for optimal on-demand performance and efficiency.

Test-drivers can expect a surprisingly spacious and flexible cargo area. (Photo: Dodge)