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2011 Ford Fiesta SEL Sedan Review

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It’s not a hybrid but it gingerly sips fuel like one. The all-new Ford Fiesta isn’t just fuel-efficient—it’s also pretty cool.

The Fiesta is an inexpensive front-wheel-drive subcompact car, configured as either a 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback. (Photo: Rob Rothwell/

Internet introduction
If you’re reading this review online, you probably also read about the Fiesta or saw it promoted online well before its official introduction. That was no accident. Ford took advantage of social networking—the latest phenomenon in human connectivity—to create pre-launch awareness of the vehicle among its target market.

The Fiesta is an inexpensive front-wheel-drive subcompact car, configured as either a 4-door sedan or 5-door hatchback. The wide range of Fiesta fans will undoubtedly be dominated by a younger, tech-savvy demographic. You know the ones—they have a tiny screen and predictive keyboard surgically attached to their fingers and wirelessly connected to their cerebrum.

They also have a need for plenty of low budget-flair and fashion, which defines the Fiesta as well.

Standout style
Ford didn’t hold back in penning the new Fiesta. It exhibits plenty of sass and brash through its dramatic lines and intense colour schemes, all of which is sure to attract a youth segment that wouldn’t otherwise be caught dead in a blue oval dealership.

Although this week’s tester is the sedan version of Ford’s little hipster, it’s no stretch to say that the 5-door hatchback will be the format of choice for the targeted demographic. My teen and his cohorts groaned when I showed up in the sedan version rather than the hot hatch.

The overt design theme is just as expressive inside the Fiesta, where contrasting colours, fabrics and selectable ambient lighting add to the evocative atmosphere. If there’s a slight dip in the cabin’s outstanding quality, it’s the liberal use of hard plastic on the inner door panels.

Still in all, the Fiesta cabin exudes intriguing style; but style without substance soon becomes empty—not so with the Fiesta.

Plenty of equipment and tech stuff available
The list of equipment in my Fiesta SEL tester—which was tagged at $18,199—included premium audio combined with Ford’s SYNC voice-activated in-vehicle connectivity, heated front seats, keyless entry, push button start, 4” LCD display centre, air conditioning, and many more comfort and convenience assets.

The Fiesta cabin exudes intriguing style. (Photo: Rob Rothwell/