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2015 BMW M4 Cabriolet Preview

Pros: It’s a BMW M car and it can drop its top. Really, what’s not to like about it? 

Cons: If you’re planning on tracking your BMW M4 Cabriolet, you will notice some change in the vehicle’s body rigidity when compared to the fixed-roof coupe round the corners due to the structure change of the topless mechanism. 

2015 BMW M4 Cabriolet Price and Fuel Economy: There is only one M4 Cab available, and the only change you can make (besides interior and exterior colours) is in the transmission. So, the price starts at a cool $84,500. 

Combined fuel ratings for the manual transmission are 11.8L/100km, and 12.1L/100km for the automatic. 

Powertrain: The 2015 BMW M4 Cabriolet is equipped with a 3.0L M TwinPower turbocharged straight 6-cylinder mill that produces 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. There is an available 6-speed manual or an M DCT automatic transmission that’ll rocket you from 0-100km/hr in just 4.4 seconds. All power is sent to the rear wheels. 

Changes and Improvements: The 2015 BMW M4 as a whole is brand new for 2015, never having existed before as the M4 Coupe was only released in 2014. 

Cargo Capacity: With seating for four, the 2015 BMW M4 Cabriolet features 370 litres of cargo space in the trunk with the top up, and that number drops to 220 litres with the top dropped. 

Safety: The 2015 BMW M4 comes equipped with all manner of standard safety equipment and airbags, as well as adaptive lights, BMW Head-Up Display, all-around camera system for traffic and parking, along with a host of intelligent safety features that ensure you are the safest you can be on the road when behind the wheel of the M4 Cab. 

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