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2015 CES: Ford unveils Smart Mobility plan

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In addition to SYNC 3 and semi-autonomous cars

At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ford unveiled a new Smart Mobility plan along with 25 global mobility experiments to test new ideas and address growing or increasing transportation challenges. The insights gained will shape Ford’s future investments and help create better customer experiences. 

Each of these 25 experiments (eight in North America, nine in Europe and Africa, seven in Asia, and one in South America) is designed to anticipate what customers will want and need in tomorrow’s transportation ecosystem. They will address four global megatrends including explosive population growth, an expanding middle class, air quality and public health concerns, as well as changing customer attitudes and priorities. Driving data, car sharing, parking spot detection, and parking manoeuvres are just some examples of experiments.

Also at the CES, Ford presented SYNC 3, the company’s new communications and entertainment system that is faster, more intuitive and easier to use with enhanced response to driver commands. A more conversational speech recognition technology, a more smartphone-like touchscreen, and easy-to-read graphics are all part of the package.

Ford even came to the CES with some of the semi-autonomous vehicles it has on the road today and previewed fully autonomous vehicles now in development for the future. One of them is a Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle that uses the same semi-autonomous technology in Ford vehicles today, while adding four LiDAR sensors to generate a real-time 3D map of the surrounding environment.