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2015 Tokyo: Bow down to the Mazda RX-VISION sports car concept

Let’s call it what it is: the next production RX car from Mazda. Correction, the long-awaited next production RX production sports car from Mazda. 

With all due respect to the RX-8, it just never garnered the attention it was conceived to attract. Spoiled by three generations of the RX-7, consumers and enthusiasts alike scratched their heads when the last RX car broke cover. I liked it, sure, but I never got excited about it like I did when I drove a 3rd generation FD a long while back. Well, nowhere near as excited as I am now. 

Although nothing is set in stone, the RX-VISION concept is meant more to demonstrate to we car nuts that Mazda’s not abandoned the rotary engine even though production has been on hold for some time, they’ve never shuned away from the fact that they’ve been the only car manufacturer to ever mass produce and further develop this engine technology. 

Now referred to as SKYACTIV-R (I freakin’ love it!), the next rotary engine (should it come, which it will) will combine everything Mazda’s developed for this technology, namely lightweight construction and the latest in electronics. It will surprise, I’m certain of it. 

And then, there’s the car’s styling. I don’t know about you but the latest Mazda products are among the most expressive and handsome currently available on the market. I do a double take every time I see a CX-3. When the RX-VISION hits the road, my head will unscrew itself off my neck. 

KODO may as well stand for automotive pornography. The front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car is a stunner with proportions akin to some of the most exotic cars currently on offer by other manufacturers. 

Details are scarce but here are a few key specifications:

Seating capacity — 2 people
Overall length x width x height — 4,389mm x 1,925mm x 1,160mm
Wheelbase — 2,700mm
Powertrain — Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Tires — Front: 245/40R20 / Rear: 285/35R20
Rim width — Front: 9.5J / Rear: 11J

From the looks of it, the RX-VISION is everything we want the next RX car to be. The promise of a new mad-revving rotary engine also has us foaming at the mouth. 

Mazda, we know you’re gonna build it but just in case: BUILD IT!!