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2016 Monte Carlo e-Rally is underway!

A rally for zero-emission vehicles? This is precisely what’s on tap at the 2016 Monte Carlo e-Rally! The 2016 edition, which began today and runs through October 16, includes entrants from a number of manufacturers. The requirements for eligibility for vehicles in the rally include that they must not produce any CO2 emissions, feature a driver and co-driver, and fit into one of the following categories:

A: 100% electric vehicles
B: Hydrogen vehicles
C: Combination electric-hydrogen-fueled vehicles
D: Solar-powered vehicles
E: Compressed-air vehicles
F: Zero-emission vehicles not included in the other categories
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Among vehicles present at the start of the rally, the Renault ZOE – winner of the previous two editions – as well as Volkswagen e-Golf, Kia Soul electric, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Mirai and other electric cars. 

Entrants will seek to complete the rally which runs between Fontainebleu and Monaco. Will the ZOE repeat this year, or be unseated by a new champion?


Photo: Renault