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2017 Audi A4,’s Luxury Compact Sedan of the Year

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The next-generation Audi A4 recently won the 2017 Luxury Compact Sedan of the Year award, besting the Infiniti Q50 and Jaguar XE.

According to our collaborators Matt St-Pierre, Trevor Hoffman, and Benjamin Hunting, the 2017 Audi A4 is perhaps the purest expression of the company's current design language, and it's a prime piece in drawing buyers into Audi showrooms across the country.

The new A4 is edgier, quicker, thriftier, techier, and richer than ever before. It’s also an able demonstration of just how forward-thinking the automaker's engineers and designers have become in their quest to ride the crest of the luxury wave.

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Photo: Audi
2017 Audi A4