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Porsche Takes Us Inside its New Taycan EV

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If you’re enamoured of touchscreens inside vehicles, you’re going to love the dashboard of the upcoming new Porsche Taycan. From the images just released by the German automaker, it seems as if touchscreen is all there is to the interior. In fact only the steering wheel seems to be non-touch…

Depending on the configuration of the Taycan, there are five places in the cabin where occupants can access touchscreens, including the front-row passenger and those seated in the back row. The latter can make use of a 5.9-inch screen to set the parameters of the climate control system.

In front of the drive sits a 16.8-inch curved screen, behind glass to prevent glare. The digital dials borrow their look from those found in the 911. Depending on the display mode chosen (Classic, Map, Full Map and Pure), the screen can show maps, traditional gauges, charge level, navigation info, outside temperature, etc.

Photo: Porsche

Again according to the chosen mode, the data displayed before the driver can also be personalized. Porsche says that the screen can show a map that extends the full width of the dashboard.

All of it is presented in a very streamlined way. As well, on each side of the driver’s screen are touch buttons for the headlights, suspension firmness, the height of the car and the drive modes.

There’s another screen on the central console, of course. That one is 8.4 inches, allows for managing the climate control system and displays data related to battery charge. The air vents can be activated individually via touch buttons instead of manual controls. Yet another, 10.9-inch screen sits atop the other one and gives access to the multimedia system.

Photo: Porsche

The first impressions from these images are certainly spectacular. The worry has to be that if it all goes dark, the occupants lose access to all the commands. Porsche is the not the first to offer this kind of very streamlined, all-digital approach – Volvo and Land Rover-Jaguar have developed similar systems. Others who have gone down that road have retreated and brought back traditional buttons.

Time will tell in the case of the Taycan.

Photo: Porsche