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BMW will offer a Touring M3, but we won't get it

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If the response of our neighbors south of the border to the pandemic is frustrating for us Canadians, their repulsion to station wagons is enough to make us angry. Indeed, the lack of interest from our neighbors for long roofed cars will deprive us of a model that would certainly have caused a sensation here, a Touring version of the BMW M3.

When the company announced this week that it was going to build a production version of the M3 Touring, granting a wish expressed by enthusiasts for decades across the globe, we were filled with hope to see this family oriented M3. With a twin-turbo inline-6 engine delivering at least 480 horsepower, this car will become one of the most attractive in the BMW lineup. However, like most European performance cars, it will not be sold in North America.

A BMW spokesperson for North America confirmed by email to Road & Track magazine that the company does not plan to import the M3 Touring into the United States. We have to face the facts and admit that the company's gesture makes sense, as it no longer sells the Touring (station wagon) of the regular 3 Series. On top of that, neither Audi nor Mercedes-Benz offer their similar versions in North America, namely the RS 4 Avant and Mercedes-AMG C63 S Wagon.

We understand, but the decision is heartbreaking for aficionados.

Could the company ever change its mind? Nothing is impossible, but you shouldn't bet on it. However, what is important is to live with hope!