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A Lamborghini smartphone... at $7,000!

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Tonino Lamborghini Mobile this week unveiled a new $7,000 smartphone made of stainless steel and leather, featuring a 5” screen and 20-megapixel camera, on the eve of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

Despite using the Lamborghini name, this phone has nothing to do with the exotic cars from Italy that make so many enthusiasts drool. The company was founded by the son of famed auto designer Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino.

“Luxury is not a need, but it is a way to stand out,” said Bob Hatefi, chief executive at Lamborghini Mobile. “We provide technology as well as luxury. We are not after volume.”

Not sure if you're willing to spend $7,000 on a Lamborghini-branded smartphone? Take solace in the fact that delivery is included in the price. 

Source: La Presse