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Accord Crosstour or TSX Wagon?

Automotive expert , Updated:
Of course, Honda will say that the Accord Crosstour isn’t a station wagon like the TSX, but a crossover vehicle. They will also say that the TSX isn’t a station wagon, either, but a Sport Wagon. Sure.

But to me, it’s the same thing. A five-door version of a mainstream four-door sedan is a wagon. A wagon is a cargo-carrying version of a sedan. A wagon is more of a family car than a sedan, which is considered a family car.

In Europe, the Accord Tourer is about 6% more expensive than the sedan. If we project the TSX Wagon’s base price (which hasn’t yet been announced) in the same proportion, it will cost $34,969 in Canada. A Crosstour is $34,900.

So for about the same price, the Accord Crosstour gets a 271-horsepower, 3.5-litre V6, while the TSX gets a 201-horsepower, 2.4-litre inline-4. The Acura weighs about 425 pounds less, but the Crosstour still has a slightly better power-to-weight ratio.

Their equipment levels are also similar. In fact, the Accord Crosstour gets leather upholstery and 18-inch alloy wheels, while the base TSX includes cloth seats (which I prefer anyhow) and 17-inchers.

As for cargo space, the Crosstour’s rump can swallow up to 1,453 litres of your belongings, while the smaller TSX can hold up to 1,183 litres of stuff.

So, it seems like the Accord Crosstour is a better choice for a family. But I’d still take the TSX, because personally, I think it looks better; I still can’t get over the Crosstour’s gremlin face and hunchback styling. In addition, the North American Accord is, to me, just too big.

What would be your choice?