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Collision Call is the new app that could save your life in a crash

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A new app called Collision Call, developed in the Netherlands, will come to the rescue of drivers and their passengers in the event of severe crash by alerting emergency personnel and pre-set family members. Available in 144 countries and nine different languages, it will help save lives by speeding response times after an accident, much like GM’s OnStar

How does Collision Call work?
Collision Call opens in stand-by mode and then shows 'running' as soon as you start driving. This typically happens after 10 seconds and above 30 km/h, so as to prevent you from making an accidental call if you drop your phone, for instance. 

The app will automatically alert local emergency services when the impact of the G-force in a car crash becomes significant in medical terms (with a risk for human life). It will also allow you to instantly mail your family members or friends about your accident, so they can act upon.

Google Play users can download the Collision Call app starting today. It will be available through Apple’s App Store at a later date. Even motorcyclists and train passengers can rely on Collision Call if it makes them feel any safer. 

Why you should care
Such safety measure is in line with the recently voted European law forcing all new cars sold in the European Union from March 2018 to be equipped with emergency calling technology. The goal is to save at least 10% of approximately 25,000 car crash victims every year in Europe. 

It’s also worth nothing that other systems are usually available in expensive cars only, or as an expensive build in set to your car and phone. In addition, many can only work in a single country.