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Evaluating Accessories for Motorists

Dyson: A new portable vacuum cleaner for the car

British company Dyson benefits from a sterling reputation for its vacuum cleaners, considered the top of the line in terms of quality and cleaning capabilities, as well as for a number of related products.

An industry leader when it comes to developing lighter, more-efficient and more-powerful cleaning systems, both battery-operated and not, Dyson now introduces the cordless, handheld V7 designed for use in cars. Among its standout qualities:

  • Very lightweight, and ergonomically designed
  • Accessories to the vacuum allow users to get at all the small, hard-to-reach corners in the cabin, and vacuum up hair and the smallest pollen-like particles.
  • Continuous use up to 30 minutes
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, even with the higher price tag
  • 12V plug for use in the car, on the boat or in the home

As anyone who owns a Dyson knows, quality does have a price, but once again the company delivers the goods. We recommend the V7.


Cooper Zeon RS3-G1: Solid performer…

Over the course of the summer – and most particularly during a 2,000 km road trip – we were able to confirm the exceptional capabilities of this high-performance tire, which delivers remarkable road grip no matter the conditions and an exceedingly smooth ride to go with it. It’s mystifying and a shame that this brand is not more widely known, because the value it offers is truly superior and its performance rivals those of the biggest brands. 

Toyo Open Country Q/T

The Toyo brand, meanwhile, has a reputation that is solid and widespread, especially as regards its line of winter tires. This is why we were looking forward to testing out the new Toyo Open Country Q/T (235/60R18) tire. In general, we found nothing negative to say about it regarding its road grip, even when driving in rainy conditions or taking it off-road. The tire’s edge firmness allows it to maintain its effectiveness even when the vehicle is fully loaded. Our test vehicle in fact was a seven-passenger behemoth, and gave the tires no trouble.