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Are self-driving cars 100% safe? Recent crashes say no

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Since authorities in California began allowing self-driving cars on the road last September, four of the nearly 50 units have been involved in a crash.

Reports indicate that all four accidents occurred at speeds of less than 15 km/h. Two of them are directly attributable to the cars, while a human was driving in the other two cases, according to Autoblog.

More specifically, three of the self-driving vehicles that crashed were Google-modified Lexus SUVs equipped with various sensors allowing autonomous driving. The other was one of the two test vehicles put on the road by parts supplier Delphi Automotive.

As you know, self-driving cars are being lauded as safer mobility alternatives than driver-operated vehicles. Supposedly, their cameras, radars, and laser sensors give them much faster reaction times than humans.

These incidents, however, are evidence that technology and machines are not failproof.