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Aston Martin DB11 up close and personal

The all-new Aston Martin DB11 has arrived, and my god is it exceptionally stunning! When I was offered the opportunity to get up close and personal with the dashing new Brit from Warwickshire, I jumped on it ― and instantly felt first-date nerves. 

The DB11, a grand touring sports car, will make you weak in the knees just to look at it. The exterior design and dimensions are borrowed loosely from the DB9, but really this is a brand new vehicle for Aston Martin. Longer and wider than the outgoing DB9, this grand tourer is just that: grand. From looks to interior space and performance, it’s bigger and better all around. 

The silhouette of the new Aston Martin DB11 is absolutely breathtaking. If you think it looks good in photos, seeing it in person is a whole other level of awesome. Curved in all the right places with details that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing (like integrated, functional roof vents beside the rear windows to allow for maximum downforce), the DB11 is a work of art. Poetry in motion, even when it’s parked.  

I was told the DB11 was designed specifically to appeal to the female buyers of the world. And as I looked lovingly upon the sexy, signature Aston Martin front grille “lips” I admitted that this particular female was definitely being appealed to. I couldn’t turn my eyes away. 

Beneath the beautifully sculpted clamshell bonnet resides an all-new (not borrowed, not reused) 5.2L twin-turbocharged V12 engine ― hand-built in England, of course. This British brute pushes out 600 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. That means it will hit the 100km/h mark in just 3.9 seconds, though still not as quick as the V12 Vantage which remains Aston Martin’s fastest production vehicle. 

The company also pushed the placement of the engine back a bit to give it a more mid-mounted stance. As for balance, it’s almost 50/50, which means this machine will handle the twisties like the British gentleman it is. 

The real beauty of the Aston Martin DB11 isn’t just in its exterior design or performance, mind you. It lies in the fact that it really is a grand tourer. This is a luxury sports car that’s meant to be as comfortable as it is quick. A longer wheelbase means the backseats are actually functional (as my 6’1” British guide demonstrated by placing himself in the back seat quite comfortably). There’s even an ISOFIX latch system back there for child seats so the kiddies can come along for the ride, too.

Aston Martin even decided against carbon ceramic brakes on the DB11 as they can be a bit too harsh for everyday driving and tend to “whine” when not on the track ― an annoying noise they didn’t want to subject their buyers to. But don’t worry, they made sure to outfit the car with plenty of stopping power with front and rear ventilated disc brakes, as well as 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston calipers in the rear. 

The Aston Martin DB11 will be hitting streets properly early next year, however, orders are already being made. In fact, my pre-production speed date was taken to meet a customer who’d already placed an order on the $255,000 motor (so they could see what they’d actually put their money towards) immediately after our little rendez-vous.

As the Aston Martin DB11 left me flustered and wanting more, I can honestly say it’s the best speed-dating experience I’ve ever had. I just hope I made as good a first impression on the car as it did on me… 

Aston Martin DB11 pictures