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Back to School: 9 Used Vehicles to Fit Every Student Type

Vincent Aubé
Great rides for the new school year

The Adventurer
Getting to and from school is one thing, but for the student who wants to escape the city for a day or weekend of hiking or camping, the Subaru Outback is a perfectly suited wagon/SUV to do it in. This vehicle will get the Adventurer wherever he/she want to go thanks to its renowned all-wheel-drive system. Fun to drive and incredibly versatile when it comes to lugging gear, the Subaru Outback does guzzle a bit more gas than the average subcompact. Also worth keeping in mind is that the seals on the joints tend to wear out after 100,000 km. A good solid choice, your potential next used Outback does merit a good inspection, because the repair bills could pile up. In other words, students, study up before you fork over the dough!


Vincent Aubé
Vincent Aubé
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