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Holy jam! Batmobile breaks down on Highway 401 near Napanee

It’s not every day you see a broken down Batmobile on the side of the road, especially with a guy dressed in a Batman outfit getting out of the car to try to fix the problem.

Well, that’s precisely what happened last Sunday night on Highway 401 near Napanee, Ontario, the Canadian Press reports. The incident obviously turned many heads and quickly resulted in a monster jam.

The Batman impersonator, Stephen Lawrence from Brampton, was returning from a charity gig in Kingston when he heard a strange noise in his makeshift Batmobile (based on a Chevrolet Caprice police car). He pulled over to investigate, but then other motorists slowed down to watch the unique scenario and soon traffic nearly stopped altogether.

One of the drivers, Julie Toole, said she spotted Batman “in full garb standing at the back (of the car). We only saw it for a few seconds as we were driving. It was cool. And confusing.”

What did Lawrence have to say in his defense?

"I try my best to baby that car as best as I can," he claims. "It was fine, but it didn't take long for traffic to build up, as it always does when Batman is around."

Lawrence has been portraying Batman in one way or another since he was 14 in high school.