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Video : A Bentley Dealership Redefines the Customer Experience.

Bentley Motors made the announcement this week of the opening of its most impressive dealership yet, on the celebrated Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

The establishment spanning 75,000 sq ft required an investment of several million dollars. The highly innovative luminous facade houses six floors that include VIP suites, a personalized showroom, fountains and rooftop garden-terrace.

The luxurious dealership is designed to reflect the genuine essence of the brand, the manufacturer’s vision of the future and the visualisation of a high-end consumer experience.

That vision of the future is notably apparent in the luminous facade, which is one of the most advanced in the world and includes no fewer than 160,000 LED lights able to display a huge palette of colours, including those of Bentley products. It will also be able to project videos, an assortment of graphics and light shows, as well as the brand’s trim details.

Another head-turning touch that helps set the new facility apart from the norm in the car industry and even from other luxury item retailers is the wall of water that welcomes clients by displaying their names – a true world first. The trick is made possible by photographs being taken of clients’ licence plates on arrival at the dealership.

Without a doubt, a whole new level of customer experience!



Photo: Bentley
Flagship Bentley Showroom in Dubai
Flagship Bentley Showroom in Dubai