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Best Used Car Dealer - Here's How to Find It

How to find the best used car dealer in Quebec?

With over 1,000 used car dealers and over 800 car dealers, there’s no shortage of competition! Identifying the best dealership can become an arduous, time-consuming and subjective mission. We have defined a few criteria for you so that you can judge for yourself which dealer is the best.

1. Dealer with a large selection of used vehicles

You've found an opportunity that looks good, but going to a place for one car is still risky. You may be disappointed with the condition of the vehicle and opt for a similar vehicle, but in a different colour or with different equipment. When you find several nearly identical vehicles in the same place, it’s much easier to buy the one that matches your initial choice.

2. Dealer with a good reputation

Google reviews are currently the best way to quickly get an idea about a car dealership. It's important to look at the overall rating, but also to read both the good reviews and the not-so-good ones to get both sides of the coin.

3. Car dealer offering great prices

Among the criteria for selecting a car, price remains at the top of the list. No one wants to pay more for the same product, even if it is difficult to compare one car to another. A little trick is to look at several makes of vehicles from one dealer and compare them to the rest of the market. If that dealership offers vehicles that are often among the cheapest, they are paying close attention to the marketing of their vehicles compared to the competition.

4. Several services are available on site

Services such as purchasing an extended warranty or obtaining financing on site are common in today's automotive businesses. But some shops want to offer more and simplify the purchase, for example, with a registration service or the possibility of doing a complete inspection on site.

5. A competent and experienced staff

Regardless of the type of business, the staff that works there can make all the difference. Behind the salesman's shell is a person who may or may not be having a good day. This can make the atmosphere less pleasant and you will probably choose to visit another location for your next automobile.

6. Dealerships with quality used vehicles

We are not referring here to the make or model of the car to define its quality, but to its condition and origin. Premium used vehicles are trade-in vehicles that come directly from a dealer. These cars have been carefully maintained and their owners have traded them in when purchasing a new vehicle.

7. A good inventory turnover

A constantly refreshed inventory of cars is an excellent sign. It means that you are not the only buyer and that the vehicles on the lot are in motion and not sitting still for months. This goes a long way in keeping the dealership on top of its game.

8. Good service

Finding the right mileage, year and model you want so badly is not the only data needed for your search. You also need to plan for the unexpected, and that's where the best dealers stand out. A good after-sales service is an additional security that is not negligible in the occasion.

9. Cars in good mechanical condition

Used cars, just like new cars, will require regular maintenance and parts will need to be changed. Some drivers are diligent about maintaining their vehicles while others are much less so. As mentioned earlier, the origin of the vehicle and its former driver play a big role in the condition and quality of the car. This is not always obvious at first glance! If you buy a used car and it has many new parts, this may not be reflected in the price. Think of it as a little bonus or extra security for the future. A mechanical inspection by one of your contacts is still a wise decision when buying a car.

10. A good buying experience

All of the points mentioned above come together in what is commonly called the buying experience. If one of these criteria is not a priority at the dealership you have chosen, you may suffer the consequences during or after your purchase.

In conclusion

Meeting all of the above criteria is not easy. Few merchants can be considered suitable to meet all of these elements. One of them should be part of your search, because it corresponds to all the points mentioned above. At St-Jérôme Auto Dépôt, you will not only get a good price for your car purchase, but also a good choice of vehicles.

Customers at St-Jérôme Auto Depot
Customers at St-Jérôme Auto Depot