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BMW Could Replace i3 With Smaller, Cheaper i2

There’s no metric by which the BMW i3 can really be considered a sales success since it was launched on the market. Its outré design is not for everyone, although it has gotten points for originality.

Then there’s the hefty price point, which has served effectively to cool the ardour of many potential buyers.

According to a new report by German website Manager Magazin, BMW design boss Klaus Fröhlich has confirmed that a model is in the works at the company. Possibly to be named i2, the new car would take the place of the current i3 – although it wouldn’t be ready before 2024.

One of the i3’s problems, other than its controversial styling, is the fact it uses quite a lot of carbon-fibre for its components. And that is a very expensive material.

Photo: BMW

A future i2 would forsake the expensive stuff and borrow more conventional materials, and adopt a more traditional look. According to the report, it would look more like a sedan or coupe and be roughly the size of a 2 Series.

Just as importantly, its pricing would come in around 30,000 Euros, which would allow it to go head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3.

This last point might actually be the prime motivator for BMW’s potential change. The California-based EV maker, set to own the best-selling electric car in history, continues to have an outsized impact on the decisions being made at other manufacturers…

Now, let’s agree that 2024 is a long way off. Much can happen and many minds can change between now and then. But we’ll be keeping an eye on what BMW ultimately does with its i3.

Stay tuned.