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Petition Calls on BMW to Bring New M3 Wagon to North America

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Last August, it was announced that BMW would be launching the first M3 wagon in its history. North American fans of the format quickly got their hopes up, only to see them dashed just as quickly as the automaker made clear the model would not be offered here.

The manufacturer's decision disappointed to the point that a petition was posted on asking BMW to flip flop and bring the M3 Touring in North America. As of right not, the initiative has received the support of over 4,500 signatories, roughly a hundred more than yesterday.

The petition was launched by Kian Alam shortly after news of the model’s scheduled debut became official. It did not generate much publicity at first, but it is beginning to generate interest as more folks sign on. Speaking directly to BMW executives, the petition says:  

“Please embrace Audi's decision to bring their RS6 Avant to the US Market and do the same with your upcoming G81 M3 Touring. Some individuals have already reached out to local dealers, but this should collectively represent the level of excitement and interest for your first-ever M3 Touring.”

- Kian Alam’s petition on

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The RS6 Avant is not in the same category as the M3, but the comparison is meant to highlight that the competition (including Mercedes-Benz) offers performance wagons on this side of the Atlantic.

Could this have an impact on BMW's decision? To be perfectly honest, we shouldn't get our hopes up. If the M3 were an SUV, maybe, if only because of the overwhelming popularity of that format, in contrast with the more niche-like wagon format.

Still, it's fun and it shows that there are still people for whom true performance is ineluctably tied to car formats.