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All-new, made-in-China Buick Envision to be sold in the U.S.?

General Motors is about to write a new page in the history book by becoming the first American automaker to sell a Chinese-built vehicle on U.S. soil, according to the Wall Street Journal

Buick Envision units could be imported from China and appear in showrooms as early as the beginning of next year. Annual sales in the U.S. are projected to reach 30,000-40,000. 

Volvo is already selling made-in-China cars in Uncle Sam’s land, and GM’s move may open the door to other automakers.

Tensions between GM and the United Auto Workers (UAW) are likely to arise, though, especially with part of small-car production set to shift to Mexico at the end of the new 4-year labour deal. Having the Chinese-built Buick Envision in America won’t please the UAW, who worked hard to secure manufacturing jobs in the U.S.