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Buick owners will be able to pay for their gas in their car

General Motors launched its Marketplace service in December 2017, allowing businesses to be present within vehicles’ multimedia system. Consumers can if they wish make purchases on their car’s screen.

We should point out that for the moment, this system is not offered in Canada. It’s only a matter of time before it makes it way here and allows Canadian consumers the same conveniences.

The newest update made to the system by GM will allow customers at gas stations to pay for their gasoline directly on their Buick vehicle’s multimedia screen, via an ExxonMobil app.

Concretely, here’s how it will work.  The driver of a Buick vehicle shows up at the gas station to fill up the tank. From their multimedia screen, they select the ExxonMobil app and indicate the pump number that they’re parked at, then confirm the payment. The app will automatically identify which gas station they’re at, and even synchronize points if the driver has a points card.

Obviously, the driver will have had to create a Marketplace account beforehand and entered into payment-card information.

GM has not yet specified which Buick models will get the technology, but we can assume it will be restricted to new products or high-end variants of existing models, for instance the Avenir editions.         

We can also assume other of the GM group’s makes will incorporate the technology before too long.

So, hopefully, will models sold in Canada.

Photo: Buick