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Cadillac versus Porsche

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Cadillac SRX versus Porsche Cayenne S V8s

A few years ago a comparison between a Porsche and a Cadillac would be seen as a ludicrous. The ponderous Cadillacs, even with the powerful Northstar V8 engines, were best reserved for long distance touring. The Porsche were legendary race derived thrill machines. The two marques had absolutely nothing in common.

That was then, this is now. Independently both manufactures decided what the consumer needed was an expensive luxury SUV. Amazingly, both companies have produced nearly identical performing SUV models at nearly the same price point. What is most surprising is that the Cadillac can hold its own against the Porsche in performance. Yep, performance. In terms of base price, the V8 Cadillac starts around $47,000 US and the Porsche pushes $56,000 US. But when you load the SRX Cadillac with a few luxury items such as a DVD navigation system, Bose audio, HID headlights, all wheel drive, and other items the price is nearly identical with the well-equipped Cayenne S. Because of the extensive list of options on the Cadillac we urge you to check out the different versions at

In terms of appearance, the Cadillac is angular, long, and hides her bulk well. The Porsche has more of a bullyboy look, with bulbous styling and a swaggering stance. Neither one would win a beauty contest, but in the world of SUVs sometimes it is perception that counts so svelte is out and ponderous is in.

If you are still finding it difficult to believe that a Cadillac and a Porsche are nearly equal in performance take a look at the little quiz below. See if you can match the statistic with the vehicle.

Horsepower: 320 or 335
Torque: 315 or 310
Gas mileage: 14 or 12 mpg
Gas tank: 20 or 26 gallons
Fuel type: regular or premium
Weight: 4400 or 4900 pounds
Length: 194 or 188 inches
Width: 72 or 76 inches
0-to-60: 6.8 or 7.5

Surprisingly, the faster, lighter SUV in the first column are from the Cadillac.

Nearly every other statistic between these two SUVs is nearly identical and that includes exactly the same size tires and nearly 40 foot-turning radius. Only the fact that the Cadillac offers a small, nearly uninhabitable, third row bench seat and the Porsche offers a more sophisticated off-road traction package are truly notable differences. Strange as it may seem, these two very different car manufactures have produced nearly identical SUVs statistically speaking. In the real world the Porsche is sharper handling and the Cadillac more user family friendly.