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Your car dealership experience

I want to open the floor to you. I’m essentially asking for roughly 90 seconds of your time. This time period will be put to helping your neighbours feel better or worse about their experiences with their local dealership. 

In my just shy of having held my driver’s license for 25 years, and in that period I’ve owned 10 cars, but only ever bought one from a dealership. The happening in question was fine, but I suspect that much of it was so because they knew who I was and what I do for a living or maybe not… And that’s the point of this blog: I want to read brief stories about how bad/good your car dealership visits go.

A few members of my close circle of family and friends are at or near the shopping and purchasing of a new car point in their lives and I’m honestly weary of what they might face when the time comes to buy and service their new car. Now, I know when it comes to dishing out big bucks, things will typically unfold in an agreeable manner. However, the issue often stems from maintaining the car. 

I’ve just been recently reminded that some car dealerships do not have the same level of attention to detail as others, and in my mind that makes a world of difference; the small things really do count. 

All I’m asking for is the account, the circumstances and not the names of car dealerships or names of any employees. I’m simply looking for stories that involve that extra mile taken by the mechanic to fix something or that extra charge that was subtly placed onto your bill for no other reason than “they tried to screw me.” 

I’m hoping that many of you share, and I will frankly be disappointed if few of you post something. Remember: No names, just facts. 

Thanks guys and keep on rollin’!