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CARPROOF to become Carfax Canada

As of October 2018, the CARPROOF Corporation will change its name to Carfax Canada. The company issued a statement this week, in which it explained that the new branding is aimed at harmonizing the activities of CARPROOF, a Canadian automotive data service, and Carfax, the industry leader based in the United States.

The goal for the company is to improve the level of service it provides to individuals and dealerships needing information on vehicles’ history and valuation, so that buying and selling decisions are well-informed.

The Canadian company CARPROOF was founded in 2000. As for Carfax, its roots go back to 1984 in Missouri. Carfax is a brand recognized around the world, and by adopting the Carfax Canada name, CARPROOF ensures a more widespread reach, which will benefit its customers.

“We want our customers to know that this is a change in name only. Our partners will still receive the comprehensive history and valuation information they have come to expect from CARPROOF. This decision was driven by our commitment to continuous growth and will allow us to provide better products and services to a greater audience.”

- Shawn Vording, vice-president of automotive sales at CARPROOF