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Chinese-built Volvos to hit U.S. streets next year

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An anonymous Volvo executive told Automotive News that the Swedish automaker will export Chinese-made cars to the U.S. and Russia as early as next year.

Volvo's global head of media relations David Ibison confirmed the report, although he said the timing and target markets weren't decided yet.

American customers will be able to order a long-wheelbase variant of the S60 called S60L, while Russians will get the XC90. About 10,000 copies of the former are planned to be exported each year.

The same executive claims Volvo sales in China are likely to exceed 90,000 vehicles in 2014, making the country its biggest market ahead of the U.S. Last year, Volvo sold 61,146 vehicles in China, just 77 shy of its U.S. total.

A strong relationship between the U.S. dollar and the Chinese yuan seems to outweigh consumer concerns about the quality of products made in China.

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