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Class-action lawsuits filed against Hyundai and Kia Canada

During a press conference held last Friday, Hyundai Canada and Kia Canada announced errors in the fuel consumption ratings for several 2010-2013 models and promised to reimburse affected customers with a personalized, pre-paid credit card.

It may not be enough, however: Consumers in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and other provinces have just filed class-action lawsuits against the two companies.

"Hyundai and Kia need to properly compensate Canadians who purchased these vehicles. They need to explain to Canadians what the real fuel mileage numbers are, and how long they've been aware of those real numbers. And then they need to provide proper compensation in line with what these buyers deserve. The compensation program that the companies have announced certainly helps, but does not provide a full and adequate remedy," said Matthew Baer, a lawyer with Siskinds.

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