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A New Intersection in PEI Merits 11 Explanatory Videos

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Far from us to question the work of those who are experts in their field, but sometimes we can’t help but scratch our heads. A case in point is a new intersection about to open to traffic in Prince Edward Island. At first glance, it seems excessively complicated and its configuration, perplexing.

Authorities in the province are concerned enough about educating motorists there that they have produced and posted no fewer than 11 videos designed to explain how motorists should navigate the new intersection, depending on which direction they’re approaching from, and whether they want continue on straight, turn left or turn right.

Described as a first of its kind in Canada, the busy intersection near Hillsborough Park in Charlottetown will soon have two left-turn lanes known as staggered turn lanes. The road it’s on is actually part of the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Stephen Yeo, Chief Engineer with the province's Department of Transportation, says the new lanes are designed to reduce traffic congestion at an intersection that handles about 45,000 vehicles a day during the tourist season.

He explains that with the current configuration, motorists wanting to turn left on to the Trans-Canada Highway can sometimes wait up to 20 minutes before they get their chance. The new intersection is expected to eliminate the long waits. It will be operational as soon as November 15.

How effective it is in reducing congestion during high-traffic periods won’t be known right away, of course, since the pandemic has reduced the influx of tourists to PEI to a trickle.

Feel free to let us know what you think of the new intersection’s configuration.