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Daimler self-driving truck trial begins in Nevada

Daimler has just been authorized by Nevada to test its self-driving heavy freight truck for the first time on the open road in ordinary traffic. Reuters is reporting that the German manufacturer sees at least as much potential for automation in freight transportation as in personal mobility.

Last year, Daimler tested a self-driving truck (namely the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025) in a controlled section of the autobahn near Madgeburg, Germany. After logging more than 16,000 kilometres, it's now time to experiment with real-world traffic conditions.

"Today is history," Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said while handing a red license plate for the self-driving truck to Daimler board member Wolfgang Bernhard during an event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

Why Nevada instead of Daimler's home country? It's simple: This U.S. state has less stringent laws and regulations than Germany, which makes a clear distinction between controlled road tests and real-world tests. Also, Nevada roads are wider and less trafficked.