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Japanese DeLorean runs on bioethanol made from old clothes

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Japan’s Michihiko Iwamoto, 51, has been a huge fan of Back to the Future ever since he saw the movie some 30 years ago. As the head of a company called Jeplan, he teamed up with NBC Universal Entertainment to create a new version of Doc Brown’s DeLorean, one which runs not on organic waste but rather bioethanol made from cotton fibre of old clothes. And it works, although as a car, not a time machine! 

To make the pop culture reference even more real, the unique DeLorean will hit the streets of Tokyo on October 21st, 2015 – the exact date Marty and Doc visit in the future.
“My three decade-long dream will finally come true,” Iwamoto told the Asahi Shimbum. “We have been working to complete the machine by this date.”

Clothes used to make the bioethanol fuel come from all parts of Japan and are transformed at the Jeplan plant.