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Dodge Charger to Star Alongside Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman in Upcoming Movie

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Justin Pritchard

You read that right.

In the upcoming movie, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", the Dodge Charger stars beside the likes of Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson in a new look at the action / romance film genre. Wilson's character dates and then breaks up with a
(Photo: FOX)
beautiful superhero who then uses her powers exact revenge, leaving a path of destruction in the process.

Product tie-ins like this one are not uncommon in modern movies, though the Charger has an especially interesting opportunity with this particular film. Both the Charger and the romance / action movie genre were created decades ago, and both are now being re-visited in a fresh new way.

"Like Ivan Reitman who wanted to take a fresh look at the romantic/action film genre, Dodge wanted moviegoers to take a fresh look at the Dodge Charger" said Tom Loveless, Director -- Dodge Marketing and Global Communications.

The Charger was chosen to complement the sensibility of Wilson's character, an architect.

Advertising for the movie includes a poster that features a shot of the Charger smashed beneath Uma Thurman's fist. The poster and nine-foot tall standee appear in thousands of theaters across the country, and the film is to be released July 21.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert