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Drifting 101

The sport of drifting is rapidly growing in popularity across North America, as evidenced by the Drift Mania Canadian Championship (DMCC), which pits drivers from all across Canada and the U.S. against each other.

Is drifting accessible to anyone? Where do you start?

All it takes is a track, a rear-wheel-drive car, and a few tires to spare. You can try some basic exercises to become familiar with your car's handling, responsiveness, and limits. Then, you should definitely spend time mastering the pedals, shifter, and steering wheel as you practice various cornering manoeuvres.

Marie-Laurence Paquin, who's been an active drift racer since 2008 with her Nissan 240SX, will show you some of the techniques and explain how judges evaluate drivers at drifting competitions.

Watch the video (French only):