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Driving with 1ntensity

Montreal, Quebec - The folks at BMW Canada like to get close to their customers -- present and future. That's why they created 1ntensity, a track test program for the new 1-Series models (hence the particular spelling).

As pointed out by BMW Canada's Senior Director of Marketing Events, Saladin Karl, this program is part of a global marketing strategy to promote the new model lineup. "1ntensity is everywhere in our mail campaigns, online initiatives (through a mini website entirely dedicated to the 1-Series) and advertising in magazines and newspapers. The great thing about it is that all these communication tools allowed us to broadcast the same message."

To participate in the 1ntensity program, consumers had to register on said website. Between April 4 to June 22, four Canadian cities will have hosted the event: Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. "At the end of this program, about 2,500 Canadians will have driven the new 1-Series, says Mr. Karl. We'll then improve our products by inputting the feedback from consumers. That's the ultimate goal of 1ntensity."

Three activity modules
The test program is directed not by salespeople but rather by specialists in automotive driving under the supervision of Pierre Savoy, Chief Driving Instructor at BMW Canada.

After attending a short introductory session on driving safety, participants take part in three activity modules. "We want to remind them that, although BMWs offer a host of safety features, they're not immune to the laws of physics," comments Mr. Savoy.

The first module is a thorough presentation of the car -- how it's made and what its attributes are. The other modules take place on the track.