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Giant electric bus set to ride over traffic in China

Back in 2010, the road-gliding Three-Dimensional Fast Bus concept was introduced in China as the mobility solution of the future, helping reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion. What seemed like a pretty far-fetched idea at the time is now about to become real as testing will begin later this year in the Chinese town of Changzhou, according to CNN and Futura-Sciences.

This giant electric bus, which stands 7.8 metres wide (the equivalent of two car lanes) and rides 2.2 metres off the ground, travels on rails mounted on each side of the roadway and is capable of reaching 60 km/h. Cars just happen to pass underneath, as if it were a tunnel. 

A single bus like this one could replace 40 traditional buses, helping save 800 tons of fuel and nearly 2,500 tons of CO2 annually. 

There is a precedent, mind you. In 1969, architects Craig Hodgetts and Lester Walker imagined a similar concept for New York City. Obviously, it did not materialize.